The largest and most versatile range of telehandlers built for rough terrain.

The Xtreme Telehandler outlasts and outperforms anything else in the industry. Engineered to provide a long working life, while withstanding the toughest working conditions and roughest terrain, this telehandler will meet your needs though out the entire life cycle of the mine. These high-pivot telehandlers are equipped with heavy-duty rub rails, durable steel frames, boom precision handling of loads, and integrated removable cabs, minimizing maintenance and down times.

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All XTREME Mine Telehandlers have many features that are beneficial to operator safety. Some of these features include: 

  • 360° operator visibility from the cab
  • An integrated machine rated lift point for suspended loads
  • Long-life boom rollers for smoother operation and minimal maintenance
  • Specially designed controls that allow the operator to keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times

Interested in underground mining equipment, parts, or services?


Since our founding in 2005, Total Equipment Services Inc. has committed itself to providing quality products and services, that meet the customer’s needs. With each opportunity we face a unique set of intricate challenges. Still, success of our business originates with our strength in understanding the markets we serve and working closely with our customers.  

We utilize our expertise in advanced materials, product design, rebuilds, and lean manufacturing to deliver customized, highly engineered solutions. Proving that we can conquer the most demanding industry and technical hurdles imaginable.

Having operated for decades in the mining industry, working with vast networks of companies, we deeply understand the need for surface construction partners who share our aspirations for quality, safety, and innovation.


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