A refurbishment and maintenance service partnership with TES Inc. will reduce your down time and keep your mine moving.


Efficiency, longevity and access to service and support help you keep operational costs down.

We offer services such as complete re-manufacturing of all mining equipment, complete service contracts for maintenance and repair onsite or at our facility. We also provide a full range of mechanical contract services for underground and surface requirements.

Our maintenance and repair services include a range of field and facility based support to complement and support your in-house team or address skills shortages. Inquire about our maintenance agreements if you want too:

  • Minimize operating costs
  • Forecast and budget maintenance costs better
  • Maximize equipment up-time and reliability


  • Supply man-power for mechanical maintenance and rebuild of mining equipment.

  • Complete audits and pricing on any mobile mining equipment.

  • Rebuild program for client’s equipment.

  • Maintenance system and tracking for clients mining equipment.

  • Equipment refurbishing.

  • Parts and equipment servicing.

  • Mechanical contracting.

  • Equipment pickup and delivery.

Interested in underground mining equipment, parts, or services?


Over the years we have grown our business by building strong partnerships with our clients, listening to their needs, and developing productive and reliable products. We have placed a special emphasis on the safety and efficiency of workers and a commitment to continuous improvement. Our mining partners trust us to solve many of their production challenges, and they stay with us year after year, because we are truly invested in keeping their mine moving.

Interested in underground mining equipment, parts, or services?


We build and distribute dependable utility vehicles for the mining industry. Our commitment to quality has accelerated our growth, and is why you can trust TES Inc. to keep your mine moving.


Work with TES Inc. and experience how we “RISE” above the competition, with our commitment to building safe, healthy, positive, and productive environments for our people, and our customer’s people.


At TES Inc., we believe that safety is a full time job, not a part time practice. Which is why we employ a number of safety risk alleviation measures including, safety awareness programs, risk identification practices, operating standards, and compliance management procedures.

Zero Harm

As with all projects, we strive for a ‘Zero Harm’ work environment and plan on sending our employee’s home safe every day.

Safe Workplaces

Our safety standards ensure that we employ every measure possible to make our work-site and your work-site safe places to be.

Remarkable Record

We are committed to the safety and welfare of everyone who is affected by our activities. As witnessed by our remarkable safety record.


Find out how TES Inc. will deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.