Graphene helps enhance wear resistance in mining equipment

Advanced material company, First Graphene, has successfully incorporated graphene powder in polyurethane systems used in mining industry, resulting in significant performance enhancement.

According to First Graphene, introducing graphene products has resulted in improved tensile strength of 37 per cent and abrasion resistance in the range of 100 to 500 per cent in mining equipment that are prone to wear, including wear liners for bucket wheel, pipe stools and conveyors applications.

All test measurements were carried out by an independent ISO17025 registered laboratory.

Graphene, the two-dimensional carbon allotrope, is a versatile material with high heat and electricity conductivity. its properties as the lightest and strongest material, compared with tis ability to conduct heat and electricity better than anything else, means it can be integrated into a huge number of applications.

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One area of research which is being highly studied is energy storage. currently, scientists are working on enhancing the capability of lithium ion batteries (by incorporating graphene as an anode) to offer much higher storage capacities with much better longevity and charge rate.

First Graphene is working with a number of companies to introduce performance enhancement in their existing product through the addition of its PureGRAPH graphene powders. The product range is characterised by their low defect level and high aspect ratio.

First Graphene and mining services company, newGen, have successfully introduced the PureGRAPH range to reclaimer bucket liners and pipe stooling. newGen intends to introduce the PureGRAPH range to all wear-related products.

First Graphene managing director, Craig McGuckin said the company intends to introduce the PureGRAPH product range into bulk use applications, opening up a new product vertical in the mining sector.

“Building on previous announcements, independent testing confirms the significant benefits that the introduction of the PureGRAPH range can make high strength industrial material. First Graphene expects this will translate into multi-tonne sales of PureGRAPH to the mining services sector in the near term. we thank the foresight of companies like newGen who have embraced this new technology,” he said.