dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Technology

Burn Cleaner With More Power And Lower Emissions


dynaCERT has developed the next generation of Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for diesel engines in the global market, that also provides significant fuel savings to the operator. The HydraGEN™ Technology uses simple electrolysis to turn distilled water into H2 & O2 gases that are produced on demand.

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The continuing drive to make mines safer and more environmentally neutral is generating significant interest in hydrogen. HydraGen when applied to existing vehicles can produce much lower amounts of diesel particulate and gaseous emissions.

Using hydrogen as a combustion enhancer has been acknowledged as validated to improve the thermodynamics of internal combustion engines by numerous research bodies.

HydraGEN™ is a carbon emissions reduction device for all types and sizes of diesel engines, which produces pure hydrogen and oxygen that will reduce carbon emissions from your engine and help you save money on fuel.


There is a need to focus on reducing diesel exhaust through newer technologies that have the capacity to lower the emissions on pre-existing and new diesel equipment entering the mines every day, without disrupting production or sacrificing vehicle capacity.


Water is turned into hydrogen and oxygen through the simple process of electrolysis in a sealed non-pressurized reactor that uses an electrolyte with distilled water and battery power to convert the H2O into H2 and O2.

These gases are introduced into the diesel engine air intake, in front of the turbo to create a homogeneous mixture with the injected diesel fuel that is consumed during the combustion process.

HydraGEN™ Technology does not change, alter or modify the engine’s computer or control system in any way. HydraGEN™ does listen to the engine controller but does not alter or change the engine technology or affect warranty statements.



No warranties are voided through the proper installation and use of the HydraGEN™ Technology. Engine manufacturers are in fact embracing the technology. There are no engine modifications required when installing a HydraGen™ unit.  there are installations on Cummins, Volvo, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, Komatsu, Mack, Navistar, Caterpillar, EMD, MAN and Mercedes.


The addition of H2 and O2 gases make the engine burn at a lower average temperature, run cooler overall and as a result engine life is extended. The improved engine combustion results in less carbon build up inside the engine. The outcome of this is a cleaner running engine with cleaner oil, longer engine life and lower overall engine maintenance, thus resulting in lower overall costs.


Hydrogen is the lightest gas and thus dissipates/disperses into the air very quickly. Only when it is stored can it become unsafe. The HydraGEN™ Technology is a hydrogen-on-demand system and does not store hydrogen. The hydrogen that is produced in the HydraGEN™ unit is safe within the design parameters of the system.

dynaCERT HydraGen Video


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