Data technology in mining

How small to medium mines drive improvement with data technology

Modern mining is a complex process. Distinct departments, each with their own systems and procedures, need to work in concert to extract ore and convert it into a worthwhile commodity. The activities of block modeling, mine planning, drilling and blasting, loading and hauling, maintenance, crushing, beneficiation, and other areas can all affect the performance and productivity of one another.

Thanks to the advent of digital mining, forward thinking sites are now seeing the advantages of knocking down departmental silos and treating the entire mine as one cohesive unit. Lower operating costs. Improved health and safety. Continuous improvement across all business areas.

But, many smaller scale mining operations have yet to reap the benefits. Even though they understand the revolution possible through digital mining, the enterprise-level IIoT platforms involved in making it happen tend to extend beyond the scope of small mines, quarries, and contractor-run sites.

Or, so they think. Mining technology has made significant jumps in recent years, offering digital mining solutions that can help any scale of operation – not just ones that can handle extensive infrastructure, overhead, and upkeep. Many small- to medium-size operations are finding significant ROI using data technologies that fit their unique business needs.