TES Inc. is a trusted supplier of after sales maintenance services and equipment rebuilds. 


We understand that you are driven to deliver the highest production yield, at the lowest cost per ton. And to achieve this you need to minimize machine downtime, in order to lower cost of ownership and total operating costs.

At TES Inc. our reliable service agreements are customized for your unique needs. Whether its hourly onsite repair contracts, or scheduled preventative maintenance packages, we work with you to ensure that you are receiving the support you need to keep machines in operation and meet production goals


  • Maximize equipment reliability and productivity
  • Effectively monitor the condition of equipment
  • Manage both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance costs
  • Reliable access to trained technicians


  • Minimize the total cost of ownership
  • Accurately plan your maintenance budget
  • Fixed cost per hour maintenance on equipment
  • Reliable access to professionally trained technicians


  • Better budgeting and planning capabilities
  • Maximize the performance and life cycle of equipment
  • Manage outages with timely access to critical parts
  • Reliable access to trained technicians


  • Reduce capital spending requirements
  • Extend the life and productivity of equipment
  • Optimize budget by minimizing total operation cost
  • Increase equipment resale value

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Our mission is to build trusting relationships with our partners, focused on reliable service solutions that keep their mines moving. We work closely with our partners to understand their goals, and customize service and parts agreements that best align with their unique needs.

Avoid the Risk of Equipment Breakdown

with Scheduled Servicing

We understand that with the focus on production yield, machine maintenance often gets overlooked. Which is why scheduled servicing is needed, so you can avoid the risk of equipment breakdown.

Scheduled service agreements will help you be proactive and reduce the long term cost of operating your equipment. Ensuring that your machines performance is not compromised or results in a catastrophic fail. Our team of skilled technicians will perform regular audits and offer reliable servicing on time and at competitive a price.

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Manage Your Maintenance Costs

with Hourly Onsite Repair Contracts

Not only is it difficult to find qualified maintenance technicians, employing a large and versatile team of technicians can be very costly, and not always yield the ROI you invested. To better manage your maintenance costs you can outsource your maintenance with our hourly onsite repair contract. The benefit is access to the technical expertise you need, when you need it, with a reduction in labour costs and overall operating costs.

Our service teams can work independently, or alongside your mine personnel. While our hourly onsite repair agreements can be applied to our SPARTA line of vehicles, or any other mining vehicle. Our years of rebuilding equipment has equipped us with the expertise to service a large variety of mining equipment brands.

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Better Predict Maintenance Costs

With Critical Spare Parts Packages

Its common knowledge that mining equipment works hard and takes a beating, and it is only a matter of time before components fail. Managing the planned and unplanned outages can minimize the impact on productivity and maximize equipment up-times.

With our Critical Spare Parts Packages we provide you with the recommended list of parts for purchase, but offer you the flexibility to select only the parts and components that you would like to include. These packages can also be layered with our scheduled servicing agreements, or our hourly onsite repair contracts.

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Extend the Life of Your Equipment  

with Our Rebuild Agreements

Due to availability and reduced capital requirements, equipment rebuilds are a cost effective option to extend the life of your machines. TES Inc. will audit the equipment and work with you to define the scope of work needed, including the parts and service requirements.  A timeline for the work is then established and TES Inc. will update you regularly on the progress of the rebuild.

Let’s face it, when it comes rush orders and  mining equipment, it often takes less time to refurbish an existing piece of equipment, or purchase a rebuild.

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At TES Inc., we believe that safety is a full time job, not a part time practice. Which is why we employ a number of safety risk alleviation measures including, safety awareness programs, risk identification practices, operating standards, and compliance management procedures.

Zero Harm

As with all projects, we strive for a ‘Zero Harm’ work environment and plan on sending our employee’s home safe every day.

Safe Workplaces

Our safety standards ensure that we employ every measure possible to make our work-site and your work-site safe places to be.

Remarkable Record

We are committed to the safety and welfare of everyone who is affected by our activities. As witnessed by our remarkable safety record.