Our SPARTA line of low profile Anfo Loaders have been engineered with safety and reliability in mind. Designed to meet the demanding needs of explosive loading projects, the heavy-duty frame provides a stable platform, while the articulated frame steering and 4-wheel drive, and provides high maneuverability in the narrow confines of underground mines. The SPARTA Anfo Loader uses the common explosive ANFO (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil).

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The SPARTA Underground Anfo Loader is built with a heavy-duty construction frame and grounding straps throughout the frame. It features a Cummins Diesel QSB 6.7 193 HP at 2200 RPM engine, with a deck length of 9.22 meters and a deck width of 2.39 meters. Other features include 4-wheel drive and articulated steer carrier, ABA brake system, audio back up alarm, led lighting and strobe lights, a 24V electrical system, and an Anfo pot to be determined at time of order. (500, 750, 1000)


Underground Anfo Loader


Anfo Loader Truck

Interested in underground mining equipment, parts, or services?


Engine:Cummins QSB 4.5 Diesel (130 hp), Tier 3
Transmission:DANA 20000 series
Axles:DANA 113 SAHR
Empty Weight:16,272 kg (36,850 lbs)
Tramming Height:2.36 m (93″)
Width/ Length:2.39 m (94″) / 9.22 m  (363″)
Inside Turning Radius:5.70 m (224″)
Outside Turning Radius:8.63 m (339 7/8″)
Electrical:24V electrical system
ABA brake system
Audio back up alarm
Engine oil pressure switch
LED lighting installed (4 front + 2 rear + 2 reverse)
Lock out on master switch
Strobe light (white) Options: red, blue, amber
Frame Unit:Heavy duty construction frame
Four wheel drive, articulated steer carrier
ROPS/ FOPS canopy
Fire extinguisher 20lbs
Grounding straps through out framer
Two small Antistatic storage boxes with rubberized spray
One suspension seat, and one mechanical seat
Two front and two rear stabalizers
Articulated carrier
Wheel chocks and brackets
Fire Suppression:Certified ANSUL 6  Nozzle (liquid)
Other:Spare tire included
3 sets of manuals with electronic version
Telescopic Man Basket:Two stage telescopic boom with man basket  485 Lb (220 Kg)
Arm extension 7 m.
Retracted arm length: 14 ft (4.27 m)
Boom coverage: 29.5 ft x 29.5 ft (9 x 9 m)
Swing arm: +/- 45
Arm lift: + 60 ° / -35 °
Basket dimensions: 1.10 m x 0.71 m (44 “x 28”)
Max capacity of the basket: 220 kg (485 lbs)
Turn of the basket: +/- 40
Self-Leveling Basket
Remote controls in basket and chassis
Two (2) Work lights on the Chassis
Whisker switch
Bolt on canopy included
Men basket emergency descent function
Anfo Delivery SystemDual hose system pneumatic control valve.
Anfo hoses, one for the ground and one runs up to the boom basket.
Lock transmission system while operating ANFO (Air Compressor and arm)
Chassis ground
Complete stainless steel delivery system
Vehicle Speed:1st Gear -0-5km/h  2nd Gear- 0-10 km/h (running speed, ground level)
Options:  Enclosed environmental cab (AC and heater system)
  Central lubrication system (Lincoln)
  Wiggins fast fill fuel system
  ANSUL “Check fire” with detection system
  Air ride seat (qty 1)
  Front fenders
  Front bumper
  Seat belt warning system
  Hose reels for air/water
  Antistatic container for carrying Anfo  bags with rubberized spray
  Hydraulic drive 85 CFM compressor (High-Temperature and High-Pressure Compressor)
  One pot 500 lbs  (227 kg)
  One pot 750 lbs (340 kg)
  One pot 1000 lbs  (454 kg)
  Hydraulic canopy for man basket
  Engine shutdown from basket
  Diesel engine Mercedes Benz 904 – 148 HP
Electric over Hydraulic Power pack
      -one Electrical motor 50 or 60hp
      -one hydraulic pump to operate Boom Basket
      -one cable reel with 80metres of trailing cable
     -one 150amp Ground Fault Panel with Ground Check installed on unit
-interlocks to be installed to prevent electrical motor and Diesel Engine from starting


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